Best Steps To Save Your Google Adsense From Blocking

A blog is basically a place which where you can share your ideas. Blogging is the most popular and the easiest way to earn huge money. Blogs are the source of knowledge. You can find millions of blogs on every topic. If you own a blog and you want to earn some revenue but you don’t know how to get started? Simple you are at the right place. As Google Adsense is one of the popular programmes to give you ads and earn per click. It means a Publisher will be paid only if someone clicked on the ads but never get overexcited Google Adsense has very strict policies and Google did not hesitate to ban any account. Even sometimes they block your account without any

reasoning so be careful and use your Adsense account purposefully and cleverly Remember: Once your Account is banned no new account will be issued on the same payee name.

There Some Steps You should Follow......

1: Ads click by self is Not allowed:

The most common mistakes the publisher usually make is to click on their own ads. They thought it will benefit and we will earn more money through this method but not think that  Google is watching anything and some people say I self-click my ads from different IP addresses and its work but when the earning reaches 25 to 90$ a sudden message arrives your account is banned due to invalid click activity.So First step don't click on your ads Okay.

2: Don’t Reading  The Google Adsense Terms:

During the creation of our Adsense account Google offer us to read there TOS (Teams Of Service) we usually ignore  them thinking it is un important and waste of time which is the biggest mistake we usually made. If we read that terms and condition then it will very helpfull for us. 

>10 Step before applying for google Adsense< 

3: Don't Ask Your Visitors To Click on Ads:

This is another common   mistake we usually made asking our friends, family, even our visitors to click on Google AdSense Ads. And if a person  can apply for AdSense keep these all steps in mind because the adsense team is very strict to his terms.Most of the publisher inserts a notice on the website begging their visitors to click on the ads. Some users even insert a arrow indicating towards Google Ads.This is not allowed if you want to earn money then follow the terms and condition of google AdSense and then use you blogging career to earn money.Blogging is not so easy but work hard nothing is impossible.

4: Only partner with Google Adsense:

If you think Google Adsense is the only program to earn money through ads then you are wrong here there are many other ways to earn from your blog join another network . But Google Adsense is better than all.If you use many advertising programs on the same website then your Adsense account could face serious detention, in the form of getting banned so use that network that googles support. You can use Infolinks with Google Adsense without any worry.

5: Creating Multiple Google Adsense Accounts: 

Usually, the new publisher creates many Google Adsense account under the same payee name. At a time many accounts are harmful to Adsense user if you use many accounts from on PC keep in mind that it will be disabled anytime. Creating multiple Adsense accounts on the same payee name is the Biggest violation of Google Adsense TOS (Terms and condition).

If you want serious work then follow the TOS of google Enjoy Blogging
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