How You can Create Facebook Account

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First of all you think what is #Facebook
Facebook is an American Profit Corporation and online social network service.Facebook website was launched on Febuary 4,2004 by Mark Zuckerberg with team work of his friends.Now e days #Facebook is used by 1,860,000,000 per month.Facebook now reports 70 million more monthly active users. 1.86 billion.

Instagram announces 600 million users in their blog post.Meetup reached 30 million users.So its lot of fun to join facebook with your own personal account and if you want to join Facebook social network and want to meat with world wide people  Just Visit Facebook and sign up .

More About Facebok:
Facebook make people connect with family members, friends , class mates, etc, facebook help to Create
  1. Facebook Page
  2. Facebook Group
  3. Advertisment through ads
  4. follow people
  5. Add people all over the world

Fill all the boxes and click on sign up .

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If you finish sign up log in to your facebook account by simply add your email / phone no and add password  and then fill all the requirments information correctly and enjoy

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