How To Find Free Music For Your Youtube Vedios

Majority of Youtube vedio creater want to find a free music for his vedio.  Using background music in your videos can be very tricky in  terms and copyrights, when youtube community find your vedio music match to someone else then your vedio copyright strike occur and after sometime it gets block.So this is the tricks if you can find free music for youtube vedio and use them freely without copyright strike .

How to Find Free Music Online?

The first and foremost saying is that “free” word is the most expensive word.In the free music world sometime when you use other site or people music and give them credit simply write thier website link in your vedio and use their music in your commercial or noncommercial production. Sometimes, You’ll find absolutely free music where you don’t need to give any credit to the original creator, but that’s not always the case.

According to my research as a music use in youtube vedio i found some best places to get free music from and include in your commercial or non-commercial productions such as YouTube tutorials and explainable videos.  i am also using free music for my youtube vedio and work 100% without copyright strike so i recommend  free music for you to use not use copyright .

YouTube Free Music Library:

The first and easy site is youtube  , youtube contain free library ,YouTube has gathered a great collection of free Music tracks from hundreds of creators around the world. You can find which type of licence you want for a music by playing it in the YouTube library, I find it very easy to select music for my videos.
You can find free music for your vedio simply by searching of your choice . It has given you many filters to select from and choose your music track conveniently.

See the below screenshot

Youtube Profile >> Creater studio >>Create
Free music image
Free music


The most popluar free music website is , i realy like this site music and use mainly in my youtube channel tutorials.This site have a royality free music and best of all  and if you use this site music in your vedio then you will give it a link in the description of vedio mean credit to this site.So use a free music and enjoy editing with free platform.

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