How to Prevent your Facebook Account From Hackers

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There are lots of ways to lose control of your own facebook account . You get hacked anytime and lose control over your facebook account. But this is not over , But be aware that you can also be the victim of an attack by malicious Softwares, Links, and hackers much more damage on your account. But don't be feel unhappy there is a way which you can protect himself from hackers and secure your account .

Tips To Prevent Facebook Account:

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(1):  Application Permission:

Sometimes on facebook you answer quiz , install a facebook game , App , you will be forced to go through an intermediate screen showing what the permissions  the application needs. These permission contain something about you account, which can acces you account even if you don't connect to your account .

(2):  Spam vedio Link:

Also Beware of videos on Facebook, Spammers are targeting Facebook to Spread links of Spammy videos, spammy site ,Which on your click redirects you and takes control of your facebook  account to Spam on other facebook comments, you might not be even aware that you have commented so and so thing on so and so place.

(3): Download Notification:

Sometimes when you start a video , you receive a notification that you need to install or update a codec , which is necessary and essential to watch the clip.

Sometime That may be true, but its often said that codec is actually a Trojan horse (Virus). For those who do not know , be aware that antivirus program is blocking it , although it could still slip through the net and suddenly be harmful for you. So be very smart when you come accross this situation and Prevent Facebook Accounts from Being Hacked.

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(4): Download Software:

Sometimes you see on internet when you want to download Softwares But when you search and click on download button  and the download is starting  suddenly a message occure  this software is harmfull for your computer  then no one can see its background but it contain something that can harm your pc .

(5): Facebook Message:

As you can see sometimes you recieve a facebook message that hello i am (someone name) and i am intrested in you or like you  this is my account (gmail , hotmail , yahoo etc) email me  then that is something that can access you pc or can acces your account if you email them so be aware these all type of content.

Some basic steps go and set this step in your account:

>   When add your phone in account   Set as "Only me ".
>   Enable login approval in facebook acount.
>   On a security question in your account.
>   Turn on notification  if you login then you will recieve notification.
>    And change your password frequently.
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