Important Things To Do Before Apply For Adsense Account

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If you want to apply for Google adsense account to make more money from you blog/website Its the dream of every blogger.
But Wait ..... i want to tell you something that's not easy Because google adsense is very strict about confirm new application for adsense.
But don't warry i will share something in this article that will help you 100% in google adsense approval.

:- Some Question related to google adsense approval: 

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1: How to apply for adsense account ?

2: Does my blog accept for google adsense ?

3:In which time i apply for account ?

4: what are requirments about google adsense ?

Google Adsense:

As you know about google adsense which is very old programe for offering ads to his partners. Google adsense have thousands of partners. One of the best reason to choose google adsense according to other programe is that it offers huge amount on ads click. So its good for you to select google programe as ads.

Common problem of adsense Rejection:

1:-  Insufficient contents .
2:-  Your blog design.
3:-  Your site does not follow adsense terms.
4:-  No about profile 
5:-  Low post article.

>-- So  Things To Follow               Before Apply for Adsense --<

1:- Clean and neat Design of Blog:

The first thing to follow you need to is You blog Design.If you want to become a successfull blogger then start you blog with a clean and neat design /Theme select a theme which is visiters  friendly , which have beautifull Logo area , Best menu  , author profile /About.

2:- High quality content:

Your blog contain high quality contents because google want and loves that site which have Original contents ,This is very important thing which you can’t ignore at any cost.Keep this step in  mind that your google adsense application will be reviewed by humans and you have to impress them to get approved by AdSense.

Contents Must Be :

  1. Unique and original
  2. With proper Heading (H1 , H2 etc)
  3. Contain bullets
  4. Help visiters need
  5. Clean paragraphs

3:- Privacy Policy:

One of the common mistakes that most new bloggers. Common mistake is that there are people out there who say that having a privacy policy for a blog does not make sense but they are wrong here!

Why is it important?

It’s requirement of AdSense and secondly, this privacy policy means you are not a scam and gives the sense of a serious business.A privacy actually describes to your readers about what they will get on your blog , and what is the basic which they will provide to you to visit to your site.

4:- Create About page :

Just like privacy policy, you must have an about page so that you can get approved. This show that a blog admin is behind the blog .
About page in your blog  describe you and your blog to visiters . This will not only help you make a relationship with blog visiters but it will also make them trusted on you.

Like this :

My Blog image
About page Shot 

5:- Create a Contact Page :

Create a contact page, if possible add your email that you are going to apply for Google AdSense. .By this method you  are telling Google Team that we care for our clients / visitors and we are always ready  to help them. They can contact us anytime.

6:-Verify Name and Email :

When you apply for adsense don’t forget to put your name and email address in some easily visible area like about and contact pages. This step help  to Google  team that it is the same person who applied for AdSense not a scammer , copyright user.

7:-Have a Good Number of Post:

If you have low number of post or you have maximum number of post in blog its not confirmed because sometimes blogger have minimum post in his blog and they contain fully  approved adsense account  but sometime people that have maximum numbers of post don't have approved adsense so its not confirmed  but its good if you have maximum numbers of post , real contents , Unique.

8:- Its Must That a blogger  Have age 18+:

A common mistake a new blogger have a profile that contain less than 18 age .
Keep in mind that you have to wrote correct date of birth and age while applying for Google AdSense account.Because Google AdSense is not for people who are under 18. 
> - - So I advise you to be accurate while typing your age- - <

9:- Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
The one best step is search engine optimization ,its very important for you blog because if you have SEO then it will approved successfully because  its already  index, in order by google , in search of google etc .

>--Select You language as according to you contents --<


Arabic , German , Polish , Chinese, Danish , French , Malay , Spanish, Dutch , Hindi , Greek, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, Indonesian  ..... etc


10:- Use top level Domain:

Google change its policy if you have a blog that have sub-domain like  then google approved you adsense but you don't have to use in other domain blog like .com 
So its better to have your own domain like custom domain .com

There are many Adsense stories that I read on many forums that some people got approved for few weeks old blog and other got rejected for the blog that is even more than 6 months old. 


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