How To Start A New Blog On Blogger Platform

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Blog is a simple way to Share you own feeling / ideas to the people in the world.Blog is a simple dairy which you can daily post Articles on your blog and people from all over the world can visit your blog . Luckily in 2017 Creating Blog is so easy for new beginner as compared to past when people who can expert in Html (HyperText Markup langauge) , CSS (Cascading Style sheet), Javascrift  etc Designing langauges  then those people can Make blog .But now create your own blog is just like create word documents.

Using of Blog: 

if u want to  share / promote your

  1. Bussiness
  2. Company
  3. Products
  4. Daily News   etc

Then blog is a great way to get visiters and You got advertisment and then also make money from it.

Why To Chose Blogger Platform:

  1. Blogger is a blogging service provided by the tech giant Google.
  2. Blogger platform is so easy to start a new blog .Its easy for new beginner and contain free domain like .
  3. Easy to use editor
  4. No viruses or security patches
  5. Integration with lots of google products and services
  6. Very customizable through the template editor
  7. Quick AdSense integration
  8. Fast serving of content on Google CDN
  9. Immediate indexing in google search engine

I will Guide  step by step with screenshots How to create a Blogger Blog

How to Join Blogger:

1:-   Go  

sign in and click on Create Blog

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Create Blogger blog Step by step Guide:

2:  Select You Title and  Blog name and check Availablity.

Select theme image
Select Domain and Title

 3:After Title and Domain  Select Beautifull  Template :

Template image
add template

4:When you set his theme then click Create blog :

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Create Blog 

5:If you want to manage your blog post to blog , change theme of blog, create pages , etc   then visit blogger  and see this menu
Pages image
Manage your blog

These all are the step by step Guide hot to Create Blog in Blogger platform.

Its Easy to create Blogger Blog But if you want to earn oney and want that you blog is rank in Google Then you will Further Learn about SEO(Search Engine Optimization ) That how Google and other search engine will access your blog and you got traffics:

What is Search Engine Opimization SEO:

Search engine optimization is  maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.

Types of SEO:

White Hat SEO  & Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO:

White hat Search engine optimization SEO follow the terms and service of Google and other search engine thats way its not illegal and its best to you have a white hat SEO on your blog.

Black Hat SEO:

Black Hat SEO findweaknesses in the search engine algorithms to get huge rankings for a website. This type of SEO not follow the Term of Search engine and after some times your blog is get banned from Adsense .

Visit For Complete SEO:

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