How to Use keywords In Your Blog Post

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Google is one of the biggest and top source for your blog traffic.And its realty that evry blogger want huge traffics on his blog.So traffics will come to you blog by implementing SEO for you blog.For that you will be able to use best keywords (Seo tip) to increase you blog traffic.So how you use keyword for blog  Read the below article........


1: Use Best keywords in You every Blog post :

One of the best ways to incorporate keywords into your blog posts is to use them in your blog post titles. For keyword best research their are many poplular tools that will find highly searchable keyword and if you use them in your blog post then your post will rank in search engine.

2:Focus on using just one or two keywords  in each blog Post:

To increase the traffic that comes to your blog via search engines, focus on optimizing each of your blog posts for just one or two keyword phrases. Using Too many keyword phrases dilute the content of your post for readers and can look like spam to both readers and search engines.

3: Use keywords in all of your blog post:

Try to use your keywords (without keyword stuffing) multiple times in your blog post. For best blog post ranking use your keyword in first 200 words of your blog in the middle of your blog and at the end of your blog .

4:Use keywords in Blog link:

Search engine optimization experts believe that search engines like Google , Bing etc place more weight on linked text than unlinked text when ranking search engine results. Therefore, it's a good idea to include your keywords in or next to the links within your Blog post  when it's relevant to do so. Be sure to read about how many links are best for SEO before you start adding links to your posts.

5: Use keywords in image Alt-tag:

The time when you upload an image to use in your blog post, you usually have the option of adding alternate text for that image which appears if a visitor cannot find you image or load your images in their Web browsers. And best step that  this alternate text can also help your search engine optimization efforts. That's because the alternate text appears within the HTML of your blog post content as something called an Alt-tag.Search engines like google bing, etc crawl that tag and use it in providing results for keyword searches. So use keywords in image Alt-tag it will best for blog Post And in SEO point of views.

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