Top 10 Killer Steps To Increase web page Rank

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Page Rank is a hyperlink analysis set of rules that's used by search engines like google and yahoo to decide relative importance of your hyperlink within their database. here I’ll tell you the way to boost page rank.

Page Rank Calculation Method

Page rank can be calculated by using some sort of algorithms of search engines.For example Google , Bing , Yahoo etc  have a different type of algorithms. Page Rank is calculated upon the quantity of link to your website/blog; these links are  .......

  1. Backlinks 
  2. Do-follow Link
  3. No-Follow Links
  4. Internal Links 
  5. Exetrnal Links
Follow The steps to increase Page Rank (PR)

1. High Quality content:

If you want   to boost your page Rank keep in mind that you must have specific high-quality content which your readers can easily understand and attract your readers to share it on social networks. 

2: Submit Site 

As already above that page rank depends on link such as backlinks so create high quality backlinks from high PR blogs by Blog commenting , submit articles, and submit your blog to web online dictionary sites.

3: Guest Post

The one and effective method for new bloggers  toincrease your page rank is to submit Guest post to other blogs. As you seen in other blogs menu GUEST POST that means if a blogger want to submit guest post and increase thier page rank. In guest post you will make 2 , 3 backlinks of your site and submit to others  But remember that choose high PR sites .

4: Update Content

Google loves the blogs thats updates daily mean daily post to your blog is a great way to increase your blog page rank. because google crawlers daily crawls your blog post and maximum possibilty that increase your page rank.

5: Blog Comments

Blog commenting is simple method for bloggers to increase your page rank free of cost and easily.  Daily go to other site of your niche related and comment on it with href tag using that make your comment Do -follow and this is count as your backlink.

6: Social Sharing

The better way to include social sharing buttons on your blog. If your reader reads your blog post and like it then the social button is easy way to share it on social media that makes your backlinks from different site like 

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google+
  4. Reddit
  5. Pinterest
  6. Tumblr
7: Update your site.

If your site is old and thier and you find dome effective updates about yoru niche then updates your post daily  google will find your blog an updating technology blog and increase your page rank.

8: Marketing

Marketing is a backbone of blogging . Daily post to your blog and share it other social networks , Make website banner , ads and post it on groups pages  people will visit your blog and if you blog have visiters then it will make your blog rank.

9: Participating in Forum:

Forums is a place just like groups , pages, where people discuss and post thier link the best way to increase traffic and page rank post links and participate in blog forums .

10: Be Legal:
Follow the terms and condition of blogs . Google has a very quick response system use White hat Seo and legal method because sometimes google find your blog as copyright OR not follow the rules and you get banned So its better to hard work and increase page rank with the help of legal method.

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