Alert For Channel Creater New Youtube Update 7 August 2017

 New  Youtube Update
 New  Youtube Update
Extending the ability for channel creaters to appeal more videos.  Youtube Update  7 August 2017 
Youtube is basically the social vedio sharing site created by three PayPal employees in 2005.
youtube is the 2nd most popular search engine in the world now -e days. Youtube offer their partner, advertiser to upload videos like Funny, Health, cricket, Technolgy, News etc and earn handsome amount through it. Youtube has their partner program after cross 10k total youtube channel views you are eligible for monetization to start earning money from your videos.

Many people in this world take youtube as their life time source and up course it is, after working hard and follow the youtube terms and condition, guidelines can give you the opportunity to make it for lifetime earning source. 

According to the new update of youtube on date 7 August 2017 that now youtube shows three icon in front of advertiser videos. According to a youtube creator blog post, a new update comes to the market that now youtube show three dollar icon  Green, Yellow, and Black.This update is Alert for channel creater.

The green dollar sign ($) will show your youtube channel video is eligible and lots of ads will be placed on it to earn money.

Yellow Doller sign ($) are still eligible to earn money through youtube but limited video ads will be placed.

The black dollar sign ($) means your video doesn't follow youtube terms and condition and ads will be now showing due to guideline strike, copyright strike, or video not user-friendly.

IF you think your video is eligible and user-friendly you can send an appeal for further review.

visit : Youtube Creater Blog Post


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