How To Create Privacy Policy For Blog

 Create Privacy Policy
 Create Privacy Policy

How To Create Privacy Policy For Blog

A blog privacy policy tells visitors to your blog about what kinds of information that is collected about them when they visit your blog. A privacy policy shows your Trustworthiness to your blog.Many advertising networks such as the most popular Google Adsense looking for privacy policy page on your blog to accept your application for placing ads on your blog.You can explain clearly that which information we collect from visitors to visit our blog.

How to create privacy policy

If you have the knowledge you can create your blog privacy policy by yourself or if you don't know then in this article I will teach you complete step by step method how you can create your blog privacy policy.

Follow these steps...

  • Go to Serprank page and Generate privacy policy
  • The page will ask for your site URL/Link and Email
  • If your blog using cookies (mean if you use advertising network ) then select  Yes we use cookies option.
  • In the advertiser info, select advertising solution you use to monetize your blog.
  • After all click on  Create my privacy policy and Done.    
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How to add privacy Policy to Blog

How to Add privacy policy to your blogger blog 

Simply go to Blogger Dashboard>pages>create new page >privacy policy and paste the copies privacy policy from Serpranker site

How to Add privacy policy to Wordpress Blog

Go to WordPress Dashboard >Pages>Add new and paste the privacy policy and Done



By adding privacy policy page to your blog your blog will be more trusted for readers and even Google Adsense team will approve your blog for ads network.
So its very important to add this page before applying for Adsense account for Blog.
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